Testimonials – What people say about
The Transporters

From parents and carers who have used The Transporters series:

“Absolutely brilliant DVD…just the right length. Really gets the child’s interest.”
“This DVD has been invaluable to my son.”
The Transporters has been fantastic for us, and now (only a couple of weeks later), it seems that my 4 year old’s understanding of emotions and recognizing the facial expression has improved enormously.”
“The difference in my grandson has been absolutely unbelievable! He recognizes when people are happy, sad etc. His school has found a big difference in his behaviour, so thank you.”
“We have been amazed! After only viewing two episodes she commented that “sister looks happy” and then we noticed that she is looking at our faces. She came up to me and said “sister looks worried.”
“After only watching three or so episodes he [my son] knew the names of every character… he then said to me, “Look, Daddy’s happy.” This was the first time he’d said this. Ever.”
“It’s a bit like someone’s flicked a switch in his head.”
“Our seven-year-old autistic son (and his five-year-old brother) have absolutely loved the series – so much that a new episode is the highlight of the day.”
“Fantastic. My older ASD boy loves it and seems to get the point of it. He is really watching people’s expressions and even commenting on them.”
Dan“Recently received a copy of the DVD for my daughter aged three years. She loves it and really enjoys doing the quiz. We have watched it quite a few times now (it being her new favourite) and I’m pleased to say that she is becoming more aware of people’s facial expressions. She is now beginning to ask, “Are you sad, happy, etc?”
“My child absolutely loves The Transporters and asks to watch it every day. He mimics their expressions throughout and has learnt the names of all the characters. It has really encouraged his understanding of emotions.”
“My three year old son, who has autism, loved the first episode. He was particularly looking at the faces and expressions throughout the episode and on occasion it looked like he was copying the expressions. He currently has no verbal/speech skills, but from his babbling it was clear that he enjoyed it.”
The Transporters has been fantastic for us, and now (only a couple of weeks later) it seems that my 4 year old’s understanding of emotions and recognizing the facial expressions has improved enormously – both boys talk about ‘that was a kind thing to do’ and the whole range of emotions, being surprised, excited, afraid, feeling bad, unfriendly and so on. Quite phenomenal!”
“I would strongly urge any parent with a child on the [autistic] spectrum to buy this wonderful series. It has given us so much and in such a short space of time.”
“I would recommend The Transporters to any parents of children experiencing difficulty in social settings. I’m sure it has helped my son gain confidence [now] that he can read others much better than he used to.”

From professionals who have used The Transporters:

“I have received very positive feedback from the parents; many of them have reported increased use of emotion words, and in their child’s ability to recognize specific emotions with family members. They have reported a reduction in their child’s frustration levels as they have been better able to express themselves, and for the parents to be able to understand how their child is feeling.”
“I work with children aged 2-19 years who have a diagnosis of autism or Asperger Syndrome. I have been showing the DVD to some of the children and they are enjoying the series. After the sessions they are expressing some of the emotions. During the day, if I pass the children they make a face and name the emotion.”
“I work alongside children with very profound difficulties in the older age range (including autism). This DVD will be great for them. The 15 year old who has seen episode 1 with me is riveted.”
“Received the DVD last week and have played it to my class of children with language delays. They have really enjoyed the DVD and have learnt from discussions after each episode.”
The Transporters has really, really hit the spot with young children on the autism spectrum, and the great thing is you don’t have to be a teacher or even specially trained to use it.”
“I think The Transporters is an excellent resource that is not only beneficial to teach children with autism about emotions but fun as well.”
“I have been using The Transporters with children who are verbal and non-verbal. It is an excellent, appealing way to teach not only emotional management and the concept of feelings, but also to teach friendship and problem solving. My students love the clear images, the characters and a few minutes in the session watching a DVD with their therapist! Thank you to the development team!”

From autism charities and the UK Government:

“This project aims to make a very real difference to children with autism in helping them to understand human emotions”

David Lammy, former Culture Minister, UK Government

“Joyful, sad, angry, afraid…children with autism and Asperger Syndrome can often find it hard to know how another person is feeling from the look on their face. The Transporters DVD, developed with the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, will help children on the autism spectrum recognize and understand emotions. Combining animated mechanical vehicles with real human faces, the DVD is captivating and fun. Also, we are delighted that profit from The Transporters will go toward supporting autism research.”

Alison Tepper Singer, former Executive Vice President, Autism Speaks

Jane Asher“This is such a wonderful initiative and is going to make a huge difference to the lives of some very vulnerable children. Both the concept and the execution of The Transporters are excellent. Having worked in the field of autism for over 25 years, I know that a sensitive approach like this is exactly what’s needed, and I am delighted that profit from the series will go back into autism charities and research.”

Jane Asher, President, National Autistic Society, UK